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Christmas is God’s Plan

Friday, Dec 22, 2017

On December 25 entire world shall be celebrating the Christmas which birthday of Jesus.

I strongly believe that the birth of Jesus is the plan or predestination of God's plan, to save the entire world from the unrighteousness of the immoral. Human beings shall be brought out from the sin. The sin intruded into the world through the first woman, who was the gift of God given to man, falling into the trap of the temptation by Satan. From that day onwards the entire creation was polluted and disturbed by the vices.

God may not leave human beings, even though they are sinful because human beings were created in the image of God. So, God won't leave at first, but at the time of Moses, God was fed up with the attitude of Israel, which was against God and in favour of evil. So, God decided to create a new generation, but Moses pleaded against it. By the request of Moses, God changed the thought in favour of Moses. But no spiritual and moral change took place in the attitude of Israel. Moses, being a prophet, became unhappy and frustrated on the attitude of Israel, which is against the love and will of God. Moses realised God's plan that he will send a greater prophet to His people. And also 'the star' will be born in Jacob. The prophecy was given by Bilam, Num 24: 17. God revealed this further plan to the Bilam for Israels.

According to the King David's Psalm 103, "God has taught His ways to Moses". When we read Exodus, we realise that Moses was given visions and indications about God's plans for the humankind. God had protected the Israelites through the Judges, Kings and Prophets from their sinful life until the crucifixion of Jesus. God th gave several prophecies through the prophet Isaiah in the 9 th chapter and 11 chapter that God is going to save the entire world from its sinfulness. So that the prophet Isaiah taught that the stem of Jessie will be grown up again. By the evil spirits, the tree of Israel was cut, they thought that the tree has died. But God had given new life to the stem for newness. The root of the stem will be expanded to distances unimaginable. This means that the kingdom of the God never perish and no end for it. It's branches and roots will be spread too vast it made holiness. The angel Gabriel appeared before the Virgin Mary and told her that she was going to conceive a boy and He will be called Jesus.

By the Holy Spirit, she will be made the mother of Jesus. Through this even angels were also expressing the plan of God. The same angel also appeared before the shepherds and explained the birth of Jesus. We can even consider the census of Roman emperor also as God's plan. Because Joseph is the native of Bethlehem, hence, he went to his native along with Mary for the census programme, and thus all these seem to be the plan of God.

According to God's plan, Christ was born in this world or He came into this world as the son of man. So, Christmas is the birthday celebration and also it is festival of the God's plan for the work of salvation through Jesus Christ who is His only son.

I wish you a beautiful and wonderful blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year!

God Bless You.

The Rt. Revd. Dr. V. Prasada Rao
Bishop in Dornakal

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