Boards and Committees

1. Board of Mission and Evangelism
2. Board of Dalits and Adivasis Concerns
3. Board of Ecological Concerns
1. Diocesan Budget Committee
2. Diocesan Finance Committee
3. Diocesan Executive Committee
4. Diocesan Hostels Committee
5. Diocesan Higher Education Committee
6. Diocesan Education Committee
7. Diocesan Legal Questions Committee
8. Diocesan Socio Economic Committee
9. Mission & Evangelism Committee
10. Diocesan Dalit Concerns Committee
11. Diocesan Youth Committee
12. Diocesan Sunday Schools Committee
13. Diocesan Women's Fellowship Committee
14. Diocesan Property Committee
15. Diocesan Paid Lay Workers Committee
16. Bible Examinations Committee
17. Diocesan Ministerial Committee
18. Diocesan Medical Committee

About Us

Diocese of Dornakal
Dornakal Diocese is a Diocese of Church of South India in Telangana state of India. The Diocese is one among the 22 Dioceses of Church of South India in India.

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