Sunday School

The Dornakal Diocese having Sunday School (Child Ministry) for the children’s to grow in spiritually in God. The Sunday School prayers also taken by the gross root level from congregations to Diocese level.

Every congregation having its own Sunday School programs according to the Duet 6th Chapter, Verses 1-6 telling about Children’s spiritual life. This encouragement was given by Jehovah to Moses. Through this verses spiritual nurture differ than the secular education system.

Every Christian born child shall learns spiritual, ritual, religion and discipline system in the congregations in this sense, Dornakal Diocese supporting every child having Sunady School support through prayers. Children are learning, memory verses, action songs, skits and etc. This primary education helps with the children in their youth and normal household life.

Activities of the Sunday School in the Diocese::
  Taking part in the charitable and missionary activities of the church
  Conducting Bible quizzes for the church to promote Bible study
  Celebrating Sunday School Sunday once in a year where children congregation take active part in the worship service

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Diocese of Dornakal
Dornakal Diocese is a Diocese of Church of South India in Telangana state of India. The Diocese is one among the 22 Dioceses of Church of South India in India.

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