Vision and Mission

The Diocese of Dornakal mainly follows the vision of Church of South India (CSI). The purpose of the Diocese is the proclaiming the Gospel among pagan communities irrespective of caste and creed to fulfill the word of Christ preacher in St.John 17Th Chapter “That they may be all in one.“ over union to became everyone in the name of Christ and manage them in the body of Christ.

The Dornakal Diocese mainly follows the mission of Church of South India (CSI). The Dornakal Diocese to serve, servant of the God to make good facilities in the vineyard of God. To follow the Jesus Christ command go in the gentiles proclaiming the Gospel make them as true Christian disciples. Through this Mission expressing the solidarity among depressed communities and create new life. Giving witness about Christ Church and Strengthen the unity solidarity, peace and reconciliation.

About Us

Diocese of Dornakal
Dornakal Diocese is a Diocese of Church of South India in Telangana state of India. The Diocese is one among the 22 Dioceses of Church of South India in India.

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