Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship of Dornakal Diocese is one of the effective bodies of the Diocese with a strong structure, which works towards the empowerment of women, both in the spiritual and secular fields. The Women’s Fellowship in Dornbakal Diocese started by Mrs. Ambu Azariah, she is the first Women’s Fellowship President in Dornakal Diocese. At Present Revd. Mrs. V. Sunanda Prasada Rao is the Women’s Fellowship President of the Dornakal Diocese. This Women’s Fellowship usually prays for all corners of the Diocese and Ministry under the leadership of Revd. Mrs. V .Sunanda Prasada Rao. The Women’s Fellowship became very strong they are helping in the congregational Ministry, Gospel Ministry, Cottage Prayer Ministry, and all important occasions of the Diocese.

By Revd. Mrs. V .Sunanda Prasada Rao, the several Women’s Fellowship Retreats were conducted in Group level, Diocese level and Regional level. By these programmes the Women’s Fellowship was strengthen and benefited in spiritual life. By Women’s Fellowship the local congregational pastorates in Diocese will be getting benefited in spiritual way. The Women’s Fellowship is the back bone of the Diocese they are strengthening the congregational Ministry, Cottage Prayers and important occasions in Pastorates as well as in Diocese.

Activities of the Women’s Fellowship in the Diocese::
  Arranging fasting prayer on the friday of every week.
  Taking part in the charitable and missionary activities of the church.
  Conducting Bible quizzes for the church to promote Bible study.
  Celebrating Women’s Sunday once in a year where women's congregation take active part in the worship service.

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