Youth Fellowship

The Dornakal Diocese having Youth Fellowship, the main target of Youth Fellowship is youth should grow in spiritual life. Regarding this, Diocesan conducting youth retreats and youth camps in Group Church Level and Diocesan Level. Many young committed their life to our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Usually every sunday evening youth having spiritual programs like Bible studies, prayers, choir practice are arranged in Churches. Through this youth should grow in spiritually in God.

The Youth Fellowship extended in every pastorate and every congregation. The youth helping in important events at the time of festivals in church and congregation. They are participating in gospel preaching, and social works in pastorates and congregations of the Diocese.

Activities of the Youth Fellowship in the Diocese::
  Taking part in the charitable and missionary activities of the church
  Conducting Bible quizzes for the church to promote Bible study
  Celebrating youth Sunday once in a year where youth congregation take active part in the worship service

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Diocese of Dornakal
Dornakal Diocese is a Diocese of Church of South India in Telangana state of India. The Diocese is one among the 22 Dioceses of Church of South India in India.

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